Manni offers private sessions and programs which have been inspired by ancient teachings and practices of self inquiry.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened” Lao Tzu

We all reach a point in our life where we are ready to raise our vibration and say yes to our highest good, its what Joseph Campbell termed the Call to Adventure.

Our trials and tribulations lead us to our transformation, how this is to unfold is our work together. We delve deep into the depths of the psyche to unravel our story and personal mythology to create a new reality.

Lets breathe in the possibilities together and get started on the journey of self discovery…



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Our Stories

We’ve grown up with stories from fairy tales to romance, horror and crime, these stories have sparked imaginations, creativity and a sense of loosing ourselves in another reality. Our lives are also a series of stories and its up to us what perspective and interpretation we place on them. Whether it’s of love, understanding and … Continue reading Our Stories

Creating Balance

In a fast paced world we often either forget to slow down and smell the flowers or we reject the chaos and withdraw into our safe haven to procrastinate. How do you deal with the world around you? Are you always on the go or check out? My 5 tips to help stay in balance: … Continue reading Creating Balance

Know Thyself

‘Know thyself’ there are many quotes on know thyself from Socrates to Oscar Wilde. It’s a philosopher’s minefield, you can spend a lifetime debating on the concept, leading to a continuous spiral of questioning and unfolding. Is it a step worth taking? “He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao … Continue reading Know Thyself

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