Our Stories

We’ve grown up with stories from fairy tales to romance, horror and crime, these stories have sparked imaginations, creativity and a sense of loosing ourselves in another reality. Our lives are also a series of stories and its up to us what perspective and interpretation we place on them. Whether it’s of love, understanding and awareness or of tears, anguish and frustration.

We may also hold onto past live stories and their essence which affect our thoughts, emotions and actions in this lifetime. I work on the soul essence level of these stories. As some life stories nourish the soul and some life stories cause soul loss and this is when depression, illness, confusion, doubts, fears and anger set in.

We can all live a life of passion, fulfill our dreams, smile with a twinkle in our eyes, every moment is precious. Our stories are a part of who we are, as we heal them they become great lessons of life and love. Life is full of magical moments, embrace them and the mystery, heal those moments that have caused pain and hurt.

Together we work towards healing soul stories and becoming whole, to live a fuller, happier life being the true you. We find it difficult to focus on us, as we are socialised to make others happy from parents, friends, partners and children. However, happiness starts from within and then radiates to all other aspects of our lives.

Do you feel there are missing pieces in your life puzzle? Do you feel lost in life, love or work? Do you always feel under the weather? Do things always seem to be going wrong for you? Do your relationships breakdown? Do you feel misunderstood? Do you feel you are not being your true self? Do you feel like no one is hearing you?

We get knocked down by people and events but it’s knowing how to get yourself back up and understand the experience, lessons and healing.

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