Meditation has come to have many facets to it, from relaxation, visualisation, breath-work and more. Deep relaxation is a great introduction to meditation and paves the way. I believe after experiencing sessions of relaxation and guided meditation, deeper mental layers need consideration and the most effective way is by being with your inner stillness. We go through this process step by step, flowing with what is needed at the time.

Inner stillness is  often feared and resisted, one of the first stages of coming face to face with your mind is that it pokes at you, pushes you to the edges of your boundaries, it makes you frustrated and irritable. You feel like your mind is going to explode. There’s an amalgamation of thoughts that are battling to come to the forefront. Memories that you didn’t know you even had appear from nowhere.  Conflicts appear within you, a battle commences.

This battle is between your mind and self.  The mind floods with thoughts, feelings, emotions and the self tries to make sense of it all.  Both parts are, in a way, battling it out.  What we need to work on is the witness state, which is the awareness that stands by and watches the mind and self at play with each other.  Developing the awareness or witness state helps to peel the layers and as the layers peel off it leads to a meditative state, connecting with inner stillness, universal consciousness, your higher self, whichever name you choose to call the flow of unconditional love.

Everyone has their own unique experience when meditating but please experience it, give it time. Thoughts, sensations, feelings of differing natures may arise but do not allow this to make you fearful or stop meditating, please continue, as the beauty is intensifying and expanding.

I am happy to connect with you to talk through meditation and offer my humble advice on overcoming some of the obstacles I faced when starting meditation and even further down the line. I believe meditation should be offered and spread worldwide, its benefits are enormous from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Visualisation is a powerful tool to connect with your mind, body and spirit. It’s often used for manifestation as described in ‘The Secret’ I also find it a great way to reconnect with our body and shifting energy which may cause blocks and obstacles in our day to day life.

Breath-work is a practice used for eons of time and affects the mind, body, emotions and overall well-being. In Yoga and Chinese practices such as Pranayama, Qi Gong, Tai Chi breathing correctly and fully is the first step in energy healing. Breath is at our finger tips, together we explore and use breath to heal, energize and reconnect with ourselves.