Project Me

Project Me: Creation

Project Me was created from a belief, that each individual is on their own unique journey and I wished to honour this by offering bespoke packages under Project Me. Meeting you where you are along your path and walking with you. The beauty of this process is, the initial concern transpires into a hidden web which we unravel together.

Project Me: Packages

I offer a number of different packages, sometimes one size does not fit all. Amalgamating 1-1’s in the beautiful Warwickshire (England, U.K.) countryside, alongside calls and email communication bespoke to you.

Packages vary from:

  • One Day Intensives
  • Monthly Membership
  • Project Me Club

I love the breakthroughs we achieve in workshops and one off sessions and I’m looking to extend this, for long lasting transformation for my clients with the bespoke monthly and club memberships.

I am offering a bonus alongside the one day intensives, you receive a one month trial of the monthly membership package, extending our day to a month long experience.

We really dig deep into the self through various ways. This is an intensive experience and requires commitment from both of us.

“You have read thousands of books of knowledge, have you ever tried to read your own-self” Bulleh Shah

Project Me: Journey

We embark on a beautiful journey together, taking each step on the path gently at times and when needed we shake it up. Unravelling the mind and body to reach the core of your being. We work on the inner and outer self, the visible and invisible, interweaving the golden thread between them all to make a tapestry that lights you up.

Project Me: Breakthrough

The shifts are for overall well-being working on the emotional, mental and physical aspects. The process is opening you up to your inner being, so full creative expression and expansion can be achieved to live your life with meaning and purpose.

Project Me: Puzzle

You have so many pieces but the puzzle doesn’t quite fit together – a job, family, holidays, friends, bank balance… somehow you still feel unfulfilled, a gnawing at the back of your mind leaves you feeling empty, unhappy and unsatisfied with life. Together we explore each piece and fit them into the puzzle, making it come alive with the song of your soul and the colour of your being.

Project Me: Investment

Often we don’t invest quality time for ourselves, we don’t take time to fill our own cup and become busy with life and its daily grinds. Project Me is all about you, investing time out of your life to give you the space to re-calibrate, re-capitulate and re-construct.

It’s so important to give ourselves this time and space away from work and loved ones without feeling guilty. Putting ourselves first and giving permission to live life fully with joy, lets celebrate this time of reflection, curiosity, creativity and joy.

Project Me: Discovery

We will be on a journey of discovery, unravelling and decluttering all that no longer serves, freeing yourself to answer the callings of your soul. The process will work on many levels, emotional, mental and physical, it will also leave you with steps to move forward with all areas of your life, relationships, family, work, finances, personal and professional. It’s a wholistc approach, integrating all aspects of self and life, for balance and inner happiness.

Project Me: Connection

Contact me for more information on how we work together, what to expect and to find out the process that transforms, inspires and empowers all areas of your life.

The world has become a tiny place so where you are located does not effect our work together or connection. From our initial free consultation, the information I gather allows me to create a bespoke process which is unique to you, just as our life journey’s are unique to us.