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Project Me

Project Me: Creation Project Me was created from a belief, that each individual is on their own unique journey and I wished to honour this by offering bespoke packages under Project Me. Meeting you where you are along your path and walking with you. The beauty of this process is, the initial concern transpires into a hidden web which we unravel together. … Continue reading Project Me

Sound, Colour & Energy Sessions

I offer 1-1 sessions for Sound Acupuncture (created by Fabien Maman) which is acupuncture without needles. Sound vibrates and travels through the meridians allowing stuck energy to flow. Sound sessions work on all ailments as we work with organs, merdians and energy centres. Elevating health and well being on all levels from physical, mental and energetic. … Continue reading Sound, Colour & Energy Sessions

Project Me Live

When we become the masters of our minds, we create our own destiny Project Me Live is an extension on the VIP days and monthly subscription offerings. They are workshops based in Warwickshire. Together we explore our inner landscape through various talks, activities, opening ourselves to live life with full energy and vigour. Please contact me … Continue reading Project Me Live