Work with me

I offer the following ways to work with me…

Soul Mentoring Programme

We work together for a minimum of 6 weeks, I believe a breakthrough can occur in one session but I’m looking for long lasting transformation for my clients. We really dig deep into the self through various methods over the weeks. This is an intensive experience and requires commitment from both of us

Energy/ Body Work

This is an incorporation of sound, colour, movement therapy. Shifts occur for overall well-being. This method works beautifully on all levels emotionally, mentally and physically.

Sound Harmonisation

We work the 8 energy centres, harmonising and balancing for overall health and well-being. This is a beautiful gentle healing therapy that takes you back to the centre of your being. You connect with your true essence and feel revived and renewed, seeing the world with different eyes.

Please contact me for more information on how we work together, what to expect and to find out if we are a fit. The world has become a tiny place so where you are located does not effect our working relationship.



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