Astrology readings are a great tool for self-discovery, it’s a blue print we come to this life with. A great way to discover your purpose, find out what your patterns are and gain awareness of family, career, health and love. Find out more about your birth chart and/or your year ahead with a solar return reading.


Manni is a certified Yoga & Meditation teacher trained by the Swami’s of the Sivananda Order. Hatha yoga is a gentle and powerful technique promoting health and well-being on and off the mat. We dive deep into the body and its energy centres. Decluttering the mind and body allowing energy to flow. A highly effective approach to create inner and outer space for flexibility, restoration, relaxation and flow.

Qi Gong

Manni is a certified Tao Yin Fa – Qi Gong Instructor, trained by Master Fabien Maman. A well-being technique, using a series of slow, rhythmic movements and deep breathing, working with meridians, organs and chi energy. Qi gong is a great alternative to yoga; the gentle movements are all done in a standing position.

Sound & Colour

Manni offers bespoke classes which merge colour and sound. She has trained with Tama Do and uses elemental instruments/sound harmonisations (sound baths), tuning forks (sound acupuncture), colour essences and silks as tools to further your connection with mind, body and soul, a wonderful reconnection occurs in these sessions – to your inner core, purpose and life.

Meditation & Breathwork

In a fast-paced world where stress and anxiety has become the norm, Manni offers meditation/mindfulness sessions. Allowing the opportunity to reconnect with inner stillness, becoming aware and observing thoughts and feelings without judgment. Practices range from beginners to experienced. 

Bespoke Events

Bespoke workshops, seminars and retreats offered to create space for awareness of self, mind and body. Please fill the contact form to connect with me further on how to arrange an event together.

There are universal areas that relate to all of us, reflection and inner work are tools to aid us in over-turning stones, releasing blocks and unravelling stories that keep us stuck in the past and fearful of the future.

Together we will look at ways to be courageous on our path, by leading from the heart and accessing our creative insights to have an empowered life.