Our Stories

We've grown up with stories from fairy tales to romance, horror and crime, these stories have sparked imaginations, creativity and a sense of loosing ourselves in another reality. Our lives are also a series of stories and its up to us what perspective and interpretation we place on them. Whether it's of love, understanding and … Continue reading Our Stories

Know Thyself

‘Know thyself’ there are many quotes on know thyself from Socrates to Oscar Wilde. It’s a philosopher’s minefield, you can spend a lifetime debating on the concept, leading to a continuous spiral of questioning and unfolding. Is it a step worth taking? “He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao … Continue reading Know Thyself


Meditation has come to have many facets to it, from relaxation, visualisation, breath-work and more. Deep relaxation is a great introduction to meditation and paves the way. I believe after experiencing sessions of relaxation and guided meditation, deeper mental layers need consideration and the most effective way is by being with your inner stillness. We … Continue reading Stillness

So Hum

  Silent whispers Longing closeness Feeling strongly Soul-full flowing Freely expanding Swirling twirling Magic amazing Feeling becoming Breath delving Depths unknown No longer here Space unleashed So hum So hum So hum so hum      

Tender Heart

My heart once pumping love Forgets joy withdraws from all Armouring and building a wall No-one can enter anymore The door under lock and key A ray of light from the sun Like a bolt penetrating The heart centre exploding Shattering into tiny pieces Gathering and recollecting This journey needs to be taken Each step … Continue reading Tender Heart