I am a seeker by nature, gathering many gems and golden nuggets along the way in self development and spiritual fields. I have amalgamated teachings from various journeys, including psychology, self-development, shamanism, mysticism, yoga, tantra, qi gong, meditation, vibrational sound, body-work, breath-work, astrology, personal experience and wisdom.

By weaving the beautiful golden thread that runs through them all, I have created a wellbeing and discovery pathway. It’s a great way to declutter the mind and body allowing energy to flow; opening space for creativity, bliss and abundance.

I believe in following your bliss and by being aware of your soul story; this is what transforms life’s black and white canvas to become vibrantly colourful dancing with harmonies…


‘The world appears a wonderous paradise. A new form and new beauty will appear. Each moment; weariness will disappear. I see the world as something full of bounty, with springs that keep on gushing water strongly; Their waters’ noises reach my ear – I find myself drunk and lose my wits and mind: Like worshippers the branches are all dancing; Like minstrels all the leaves on them are clapping.’ 



Stepping stones on my journey:

2022/23 – Lotus Nei Gong & Alchemy – Bonhays Meditation with Sophie Johnson 

2022 – Mountain Hiking Retreats – Lake District and North Wales

2022 – Poetry Events keeping Imagination and Mysticism alive and flowing

2021/22 – The Heart of Rumi’s Poetry with Omid Safi (Illuminated Courses)

2020/22 – MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology – Thesis Title: ‘Beyond Reason and Rapture: Exploring Plato and Rumi’s Mystical Engagement with the Cosmos’ (University of Wales Trinity Saint David)

2021 – Inner Engineering and Shambhavi Mahamudra with Sadhguru (Isha Foundation)

2020 – Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training with Dr. Kumar (Traditional Yoga)

2019 – Shamanism of the Light with Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld and Master Fabien Maman (Tama Do Academy)

2018 – Ancient Initiatique Mystery Teachings and Qi Gong Teacher Level II with Master Fabien Maman (Tama Do Academy) 

2017 – Sound, Colour and Movement Level I Practitioner Training with Terres Unsoeld and Master Fabien Maman (Tama Do Academy)

2016 – Reiki Level I & II with Carolyn Mitchell, Reiki and Tama Do Teacher

2015 – Yoga Teacher Training with International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

2015 – mBIT Coach multiple Brain Integration Techniques with Daksha Malik (Unique Minds)

2013/14 – Healing with Presence and Beauty with Mentor Robin Rice, Master Storyteller and Contemporary Shaman

2011/12 – Contemporary Shamanism with Mentor Robin Rice, Master Storyteller and Contemporary Shaman

2010 – NLP Practitioner Programme with Daksha Malik (Unique Minds)

1999 – BA Hons. Sociology and Psychology (Coventry University)

1990 – Pilgrimage to India and Pakistan with Temple Community


‘Touching the Mysteries, There’s wonder & awe, enchanting the senses, imagining what is yonder’

Manni Dillon