Goddess Readings


It is the time of the awakening woman, more and more are feeling disconnected with daily life, relationships and have a deep inner knowing that shifts are occurring.

The goddess is re-emerging and her energy is being felt within and around, there is a hunger to connect and embrace the goddess.  The feminine and masculine are coming into alignment, which is causing good discomfort, the very core is being shook.  What you have known to be real all your life is being questioned.

The hunger, the thirst, the questioning, the knowing, the discomfort are deepening your quest to align and reconnect with your truth.

I am offering goddess readings for you to reconnect with the goddesses and how to work with the energies and embrace the essences from Aphrodite the goddess of love, Athena the warrior goddess to Kali the goddess of destruction…

  • Connecting with the goddess energy that will honor and serve you at this moment in your life
  • Feeling into the essence of the goddess, aligning and embracing
  • Guiding how to bring the energy in physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Working with rituals specifically tuned in for you by the goddess…

Goddess readings are 2 hour sessions which include a skype session and a document of the full reading (sessions are €75, $95, £65)

For further information and to feel into whether this offering is right for you please contact me at manni.goddesswisdom@gmail.com

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